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Water-Resistant Travel Luggage Organizer



Includes 3 sized packing cubes, 3 sized storage pouches and 3 sized storage bags


**Professional Travel Storage Organize Bag*:Includes 3 sized packing cubes; 3 sized storage pouches and 3 sized storage bags that make travel and finding things much easier and organized.

Little physical weight to not add additional weight to suitcase and Very thin frame to occupy little space in the suitcase **Protect and Prevent*:Separate your Dirty Clothes; Wet Towels from your clean clothes. Prevent Clothes from Wrinkle; Dust and Damage while traveling.
**Durable Use*:Made from high-grade water-resistant nylon and polyester materials; With zipper design to withstand the wear and tear during traveling. Convenient two-way zippers to set up the cubes in seconds to use or collapse to store. Soft mesh top board that provides at-a-glance viewing for quick recognition of what’s inside the cubes.
**9 Pcs Mix Set*:3 Packing Cube- Large(15.7 x 11.8 x 5.1 inches) and Medium(11.8'x11.0'x5.1' inches) and Small(7.9 x 8.3 x 5.1inches). 2 Storage Pouch Size- Large(13.8 x10.6inches);Medium(10.2 x 9.8 inches);Small(9.8 x 6.3inches). 3 Storage Bag-Large:(17.7 x13.8 inches);Medium(13.8 x 9.8inches);Small(6.7 x 9.8inches)
**Widely Used*:Keeps clothing; pantyhose; shoes & accessories; toiletries and documents divided; organized and neat for easy to find. Moth-proof; Mold-proof; Moisture-proof and Good Permeability. Sturdy side webbing handles that are convenient for you to carry the cubes or hang.

 Product Type: Travel Storage Organize Bag
Material: Nylon; Polyester; EVA
Available Colors: Burgundy; Pink; Gray; Blue; Hot Pink; PNK Spot; Navy Spot
Packing Cube Size (L×W×H):
Large: 40 x 30 x 13cm / 15.7' x 11.8' x 5.1'
Medium: 30 x 28 x13cm / 11.8' x 11.0' x 5.1'
Small: 20 x 21 x 13cm/7.9' x 8.3' x 5.1'
Storage Pouch Size (L×W):
Large: 35x27cm/13.8'x10.6'
Medium: 26x25cm/10.2'x9.8'
Small: 25x16cm/9.8'x6.3'
Storage Bag Size (L×W):
Large: 45x35cm/17.7'x13.8'
Medium: 35x25cm/13.8'x9.8'
Small: 17x25cm/6.7'x9.8'
Package Size: 40x38x2.5cm/15.75x14.96x0.98in
Package Weight: 220g/0.49lbs

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